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Executive Corner: Welcoming Daniel Marshall as VP of Global Services

We are thrilled to announce that Daniel Marshall has joined Chainalysis as our new Vice President of Global Services. Daniel brings with him more than 25 years of expertise in leading global services teams, recently with AI technology companies Dataiku and C3 AI, as well as ServiceNow. In his new role, Daniel will lead a diverse, talented, and globally-distributed team of crypto investigators, crypto trainers, and global industry specialists.

We sat down with Daniel to learn more about his career and his vision for the team’s future.

Can you share some insights from your career thus far?

Absolutely! I’ve been fortunate to help shape and scale operations at some leading AI technology firms like Dataiku and C3 AI. At ServiceNow, I was part of a transformative journey that saw the company’s growth from under $100 million to over $2 billion in six years. My roles have taken me around the world, from the US to Asia Pacific to Europe, where I have been lucky enough to build and lead amazing teams and crafted strategies that significantly impacted our global presence.

What excites you about your new role with us?

I am particularly excited about working with such a skilled and diverse group. The opportunity to lead such an excellent team, enhance our go-to-market activities worldwide, and continue to serve our customers and their mission is something I look forward to. Chainalysis has a strong culture centered on our customers’ missions. That, paired with the seemingly-limitless opportunities with Chainalysis’ best-in-class data has me so thrilled to get started. I am grateful for, and excited by the opportunity to join the Chainalysis team.

How do you define your leadership style?

The focus is on clear, transparent communication, collaboration, and transformative outcomes. Clear goals are set, ensuring everyone understands the vision for the team, and fostering an environment where each person knows their role and contribution to achieving results. The approach is execution-oriented, emphasizing accountability and a relentless drive for success.

Decision-making is promoted and enabled, with a willingness to take calculated risks to drive growth, acknowledging that mistakes happen and things may go wrong. By “failing fast,” failure becomes an opportunity for learning and growth, not a setback. The aim is to streamline processes, remove obstacles, and encourage innovation by fostering a culture that embraces change.

Who is a leader you admire and why?

Choosing a single leader I admire is challenging, as many inspire me for different reasons. In the broader sense, I greatly admire the late Nelson Mandela for his remarkable leadership, courage, and commitment to ending apartheid in South Africa, and guiding the nation through the transition to democracy. His legacy of forgiveness and reconciliation is truly inspirational. Professionally, I hold great respect for Frank Slootman, with whom I’ve had the privilege of working. His leadership style, characterized by driving clarity, instilling urgency, and energizing teams, has led at least three companies—Data Domain, ServiceNow, and Snowflake—to remarkable growth and success. Both leaders demonstrate unique strengths that continue to inspire my own journey.

What are some personal interests or activities you enjoy outside of work?

In my spare time I am an aspiring endurance athlete. Competing in 100 mile mountainous running events like the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc has been incredibly rewarding. It’s not just about physical endurance, but also about understanding and pushing human limits. I believe there’s a lot of synergy between how one approaches endurance sports and business challenges.