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Welcoming Transpose to Chainalysis

Today we’re announcing that Chainalysis acquired Transpose, a blockchain data and infrastructure company that makes building applications using web3 data fast and simple. Transpose customers are able to build snappy user experiences, power wallet applications, analyze financial activity, fulfill tax and compliance requirements, and much more.

At Chainalysis, we believe that blockchain is already revolutionizing the exchange of value, much like the internet did for the exchange of information. We are building toward a future when all value is transferred on-chain, and every company is a blockchain company. We’re already seeing companies and developers wanting to replace complicated data systems that lean on unreliable node services or incomplete data providers. They’re looking for flexible, fast, and dependable APIs that can easily access precise historical and real-time blockchain data. The technology and team from Transpose will help meet that demand, accelerate our roadmap, and bolster our position as the most trusted, scalable, and simple source of web3 data and apps in the industry.

We’re thrilled to welcome Transpose to the team, and to work together with our combined customers and partners toward a more efficient, transparent financial system.