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Chainalysis Links London 2022: On-Demand Sessions Now Available

On February 24th, leaders from ConsenSys, MI6, Gemini, Goldman Sachs and other major organizations convened in London to discuss key issues facing the cryptocurrency industry.

The entire conference, broken down by talk, is now viewable on-demand. Read on for a brief summary of each session.

Fireside Chat with Sir Alex Younger, former MI6 Chief

In this fireside chat, Chainalysis co-founder Jonathan Levin and former MI6 Chief Sir Alex Younger discussed the geopolitical imperative of innovation, risk mitigation of the biggest threats to national security, modernization strategies for intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and more.

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Chainalysis’s Strategic Vision

In this keynote, Chainalysis Co-Founder and CEO Michael Gronager reflected on the growth of the industry and evolution of Chainalysis since the last time we gathered together two years ago.

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Fireside Chat with Gemini, Head of UK, Blair Halliday

The cryptocurrency exchange Gemini came to market with a bold positioning: above all, they are known as the regulated cryptocurrency exchange. In this fireside chat, Michael Gronager, Chainalysis Co-founder & CEO, sat down with Blair Halliday, Head of UK at Gemini, to discuss why Gemini believes their customers care about compliance, their vision for growth in the UK and Europe, their experience working with regulators, garnering their licensing and regulatory approvals in 2020, and what’s next for the exchange.

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Fireside Chat with David Fein

It’s no surprise that public and private companies must work together to tackle financial crime. In this session, David Fein, former General Counsel at Standard Chartered, sat down with Chainalysis co-founder Jonathan Levin to discuss strategies for information sharing across the industry, banking risk management tools, and the appeal of blockchain analysis for fighting financial crime.

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The Future of Financial Institutions Adopting Cryptocurrency

As financial institutions enter the digital asset space, different use cases are emerging for how they engage with crypto. In this session, Moderator Bas Lemmens, VP EMEA at Chainalysis and panelists Katey Neate, Chief Risk Officer, Asset Servicing and Digital at BNY Mellon, Mathew McDermott, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, and Nabil Manji, SVP, Head of Crypto & Emerging Business at Worldpay from FIS as discussed how they develop strategies to leverage cryptocurrency for their customers.

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How Team Cyber UK have Combated the Criminal Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

The work that both the NCCU and NPCC Cyber Portfolio have done over recent years has ensured officers have the tools and skills needed to successfully investigate and disrupt illicit activity on the blockchain — there have been multiple public-facing successes, from criminal convictions to high-value crypto-asset seizures.

In this joint session between NCA and NPCC, senior leaders emphasized the importance of partnership working across the whole ecosystem — from law enforcement to regulators, financial institutions to other virtual asset service providers.

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Case Study | Responding to Phishing Attacks with Ledger

In this session, Ledger discussed the methods malicious actors use to stage phishing campaigns, as well as the approaches by which companies can stop them.

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Panel | The J5: Why Crypto Makes Global Coordination More Important Than Ever

Crypto investigations require cooperation between the public and private sector. More often than not these days, that coordination also has an international element to it. The Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement (J5) take cooperation and coordination to a new level. Hear from Chiefs of two of the five J5 countries as well as the J5 Crypto Group Lead about how they have handled some of the trickier aspects of international cooperation in developing leads and investigating some of the world’s biggest crypto cases.

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Case Study | Criminal Use of Crypto-to-plastic

Crypto debit cards can be a useful tool for easy spending of crypto, but this also applies to criminal use. In this case study, Reinier Bredenoord, Cryptocurrency Lead at the Dutch Public Prosecutors Office, will explore how these cards are used in illicit activity and money laundering and answer the question “How can illicit use be traced to the advantage of crimefighters?”

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Crypto Recovery 101: Beyond Investigations

Success stories and seizures following crypto asset investigations are in the news regularly now. However, only a tiny percentage of financial investigators and recovery professionals are comfortable with how to investigate crypto and navigate what lies beyond. From making crime pay and protecting the public to mitigating risk and capturing opportunities, getting comfortable with crypto recovery is vital! Where to start? How to go from the digital to the tangible? What have we seen already and what lies ahead?! Explore these questions and more with our panel of experts with multi-jurisdictional crypto expertise in both civil and criminal asset recovery.

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Surveying the Policy Horizon in 2022: Focus on EMEA

If 2021 was the year of crypto adoption, then 2022 can be considered the year of crypto regulation. From new rules on advertising of digital assets to implementation of global anti-money laundering standards, the digital asset industry is set to face significant regulatory headwinds in the coming months.

Where are we today and which are the issues likely to receive the most interest from lawmakers and regulators? What does this mean for the industry? In this session, Head of International Policy, Caroline Malcolm, will sit down with Richard Fox from the UK Financial Conduct Authority to delve into these questions and also share the Chainalysis perspective on where you should be paying attention in these changing times.

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NFTs: An Artist’s Perspective

Blockchain is a novel trust paradigm. Cryptocurrency is the apex of the modern, where existing trust relations are abstracted. As an artist, Sarah Meyohas works to elucidate these paradigms. Her historical work Bitchcoin presaged the NFT boom even before the launch of Ethereum. She joins us for an artist talk.

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To the Moon or to the Metaverse: Where is Crypto Heading?

Over the last two years, we have seen crypto prices rocket skywards and also the first use cases beyond hodling, such as DeFi, gaming, and NFTs. Join two economists, Philip Gradwell and Lex Sokolin, as they explore whether these are related or different paths for crypto, and what this might mean for the industry. They will debate financial and consumer applications of crypto and how the industry may change in 2022 and beyond.

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Chainalysis’s Platform Vision

In this session, Chainalysis Chief Product Officer Pratima Arora shared her vision for the future of the Chainalysis platform and her product strategy for building the tools the industry needs to collaborate and build trust in cryptocurrency.

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