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Chainalysis & Huron Collaborate to Create One-Stop Shop for Digital Asset Services and Investigations

Chainalysis, the industry-leading blockchain analysis company, and Huron, a global professional services firm, are excited to announce they’re working together to enhance the way Huron approaches blockchain and digital asset services, particularly in the context of forensic investigations and advising financial institutions.

As the crypto industry continues to evolve, this strategic alliance ensures that both firms are well-equipped to handle the intricacies of financial investigations involving digital assets and to assist organizations in building effective transaction monitoring capabilities. This collaboration enables Huron to seamlessly advise its clients including leading law firms, financial institutions, and government agencies, and offer expert advice on investigations, compliance schemes, and financial crime prevention. The collaboration will also allow Chainalysis to leverage Huron’s expertise with digital systems implementations within financial institutions.

“This collaboration with Huron is at the heart of our mission; extending our software and services to new vectors of the economy to help build trust in blockchains,” said Ian Andrews, Chief Marketing Officer at Chainalysis. “From forensic investigations of illicit activity to proactively building compliance schemes for private sector clients, this collaboration places Huron at the forefront of the rapidly-expanding footprint of digital assets. We’re thrilled to be working with their world-class team and look forward to seeing the impact this work will have on the larger ecosystem.”

The collaborative effort extends into the investigative side of operations, where law firm partners, government agencies, and expert witnesses are brought together to tackle industry-agnostic challenges.  

“This relationship allows Huron to seamlessly assist our clients in the digital asset space, from investigations to advisory engagements, service areas where we are seeing increased demand,” said Timothy Martin, managing director, leading the disputes and investigations team at Huron.  

The alignment between Huron and Chainalysis not only enhances the capabilities of each firm individually but also sets a new standard for industry collaboration in navigating the complexities of the evolving digital landscape.