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Introducing Chainalysis Government Solutions

Chainalysis has a long history of supporting U.S. government agencies. We’ve helped on cases involving terrorism financing campaigns, child abuse material, darknet markets, ransomware gangs, North Korean hacking and more, leading to the seizure of billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. These successes demonstrate the wide range of consumer protection and national security issues that involve cryptocurrencies, and the growing sophistication of U.S. government agencies in blockchain analysis.  

Today, we’re excited to announce an expanded commitment to the U.S. public sector with the creation of Chainalysis Government Solutions, a Chainalysis subsidiary with the capabilities to serve U.S. defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and civilian agencies. Chainalysis Government Solutions will focus on helping government agencies investigate cases related to cryptocurrency, disrupt criminal operations, reduce illicit activity, recover funds for victims, and leverage our wide range of skills and expertise against these agencies’ most difficult problem sets.

Chainalysis Government Solutions will initially consist of approximately 90 of the world’s foremost experts in cryptocurrency investigations, analysis, advisory, cybersecurity, and data engineering. It will focus on bringing Chainalysis data, technology, and services to U.S. public sector customers.

Chainalysis Government Solutions will be organized across four solutions teams: 

  1. Investigations: Brings tailored cryptocurrency, financial, and all-source case support integrating the industry’s best software tools and data 
  2. Intelligence: Specializes in analysis, lead generation, and consulting on geo-political, cyber, and other threat actors and their use of cryptocurrency
  3. Mission: Augments government teams with fully embedded staff who integrate cryptocurrency, investigative and other domain expertise 
  4. Data & Technology: Builds custom tools that incorporate Chainalysis data with other data sources to provide insights and enhance the mission 

The scale and structure of the new organization is designed to meet growing demand from federal, state, and local law enforcement, the intelligence community, tax authorities, and financial regulators for cryptocurrency data, tools, and expertise. 

Chainalysis Government Solutions will be led by Eric Scofield, who was previously the CEO of Abaxx. Eric has deep experience in partnering with the U.S. government on large scale data analytics, lead generation, and investigative services. 

Supporting government agencies has always been core to Chainalysis’ mission to build trust in blockchains. When law enforcement, the intelligence community, and regulators become comfortable with cryptocurrency, exchanges will grow, financial institutions can enter the ecosystem safely and responsibly, and ultimately people will have more financial freedom with less risk. Today’s announcement outlines the first phase of a larger strategy for Chainalysis to deepen its engagement with governments in the United States and around the world.