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Welcoming Abaxx Associates to Chainalysis

Today we’re announcing that Chainalysis has acquired Abaxx Associates, LLC, a professional services firm that since 2015 has been a leader in data integration, financial intelligence, and domestic and international affairs. Chainalysis and Abaxx have worked together supporting some of the most sophisticated virtual currency and financial crime investigations. The acquisition will help Chainalysis enhance its offerings to government agencies by building on Abaxx’s expertise in large scale data analytics, lead generation and investigative services.

Supporting government agencies has always been core to Chainalysis’ mission to build trust in blockchains. When law enforcement, the intelligence community, and regulators become comfortable with cryptocurrency, exchanges will grow, financial institutions can enter the ecosystem safely and responsibly, and ultimately people have more financial freedom as the industry creates more applications of the technology.

As cryptocurrency becomes mainstream, its use by both good and bad actors has soared. The expertise that Abaxx has developed has never been more important in supporting our customers’ work to address the quickly evolving nature of the industry including NFTs and DeFi applications, and critical national security threats like terrorism and ransomware. 

I’m thrilled to welcome Abaxx to the team, and to work together towards a safer cryptocurrency ecosystem for all.