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Government agencies

From counterintelligence to human trafficking, the blockchain contains a permanent record of criminal activity. Solve cases and keep your citizens safe with our easy-to-use investigation software and training.

Context can solve cryptocurrency crime

Blockchains create permanent records of unlawful activity, but data alone is not enough when it comes to counterintelligence, cybercrime, and human trafficking. The good news? We help you understand the context behind the transactions so you can get a head start on your investigations.

Identify threat actors

Our exclusive methods identify services like darknet markets where cryptocurrency transactions take place

Get curated open-source intelligence

Make open-source technology work to your advantage with curated and contextual information from clear web and dark web sites and forums

Visualize investigations

Make your data easy to work with via intuitive graphing. It's an integral part of any investigation and comes with the flexibility to export and share data as a graph, csv file, pdf, or an image.

Want to learn how Chainalysis helps the world's leading government agencies?

Get in touch with our expert team for a personalized demo, tailored to the specific needs of your agency, department, or regulatory body.

Keeping people safe from bad actors

Every day, law enforcement agents and analysts around the world use Chainalysis in their criminal investigations. Our services enable them to put a stop to the financial networks of threat actors by extracting financial intelligence from cryptocurrency transactions.

Learn from the most trusted in the industry

Partnering with Chainalysis means getting full training and support. We are the most trusted solution in the industry thanks to our team of experts with extensive experience in cryptocurrency, compliance, and investigations.

Certification program

Boost your career with Chainalysis Reactor Certification. Our hands-on training builds sought-after analytical skills in a small classroom environment and deepens your understanding of cryptocurrency transaction behavior.

Professional services

Tap our most experienced investigators and analysts to investigate cybersecurity breaches, trace stolen funds, and screen transactions for risk, source, and destination of funds. Our strong relationships and reputation in the community mean we can assist with unique requests and complex cases.

Close working co-operation between law enforcement and the industry is the only way to successfully tackle the significant threat from cybercrime. Chainalysis brings a level of expertise that will be of significant benefit to our Europe- wide investigations.

This is Sam

Sam is one of our Chainalysists that keeps a pulse on Reactor investigations. She is constantly finding new ways to improve the product and also works closely with the research team sharing thought leadership with investigators.

New York

Washington, D.C.

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