Decentralized Finance

Scale projects securely with low-lift integrations

Proactively manage risk, minimize security threats, and accelerate your growth momentum.

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Optimize for efficiency

Use a low-lift, user-friendly risk solution for your platform, freeing up resources to tackle other business opportunities and challenges.

Respond to emerging crypto threats

Adapt to the evolving crypto-related risk, ensuring your protocol stays resilient against emerging hacking methods and illicit activity.

Eliminate potential risk

Implement seamless onboarding by screening new entities and users before engaging to protect your user base and platform.

Foster growth through trust

Expand your user base and attract investors by building trust through strong security measures.


Block by Block: Assessing The Risk In DeFi Protocols

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Securely unlock new opportunities in web3


Entity risking

Assess crypto related risks in milliseconds by screening various entities on-chain.


Customizable risk thresholds

Programmatically onboard on-chain entities leveraging risk scores based on your risk appetite.


Blockchain indexing

Build rich user experiences by streamlining your development process with the most comprehensive, indexed blockchain data set.


Investigative graphing

Deep dive into suspicious activity with visual analytics and graphing functionality.

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Crypto education, training, and support

Security breach support
Rapid response retainer service for high-risk targets of hacks.

Elevate crypto expertise
Gain proficiency in speaking to blockchain topics and market trends through foundational and ongoing courses led by industry experts.

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NFTs are one of the most exciting spaces in cryptocurrency, but they will only be successful in the long-term if we can ensure a safe environment for our customers.

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Naeem Bawla, Associate Director of Compliance, Dapper Labs

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