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Bitfinex Monitors Risk While Giving its Customers the Ultimate Trading Experience

Chainalysis is the proven solution in my eyes. It is the expected standard.”


Providing customers with the ultimate cryptocurrency trading experience while supporting, at scale, global regulatory compliance

  • Bitfinex leverages the Chainalysis KYT solution to power its compliance program, enabling the team to proceed with a risk-based approach that is highly customizable and tuned to the unique needs of the Bitfinex teams, multiple countries, and regulatory frameworks in which it operates.
  • KYT is seamlessly integrated into the Bitfinex tech stack, allowing the Compliance team to do their job, while providing a safe and secure experience for customers.
  • The depth of Chainalysis’s data, equips the team to make the best decisions in their compliance and investigations programs.
  • The Chainalysis solution helps the Bitfinex team prevent illicit activity on the platform while maintaining strong working relationships with the law enforcement community.