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[CHAINALYSIS PODCAST EPISODE 3] How Biden’s Executive Order Will Impact The Cryptocurrency Industry

Episode 3 of Public Key, the Chainalysis podcast, is here!

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Public Key Episode 3 preview: Executive Orders, Lobbying DAOs and The Impact Politics Plays on the Cryptocurrency industry 

Executive Orders have proven to be an expedient method to get the wheels in motion at the highest levels of the U.S. government, and although the recent Executive Order has been met with extreme positivity by the cryptocurrency industry, there are some areas of concern from key stakeholders in both the public and private sectors. 

In this episode of Public Key, our host, Ian Andrews, CMO at Chainalysis, sits down with his colleague,  Clark Flynt-Barr, Senior Policy Advisor at Chainalysis, to break down the main objectives of the Executive Order, how it could  benefit the crypto industry, and challenges future regulation could have on continued innovation.  They jump into subjects like DAOs in lobbying, statistics behind the unbanked and underbanked in the United States, and what we can expect from government agencies 180 days out from the order. 

Quote of the episode

It’s important to have the guardrails in place, because you want to know what those are, but you want to make sure that they are not so stringent, that they are preventing projects from developing in the first place. And that they’re not quashing the potential for innovation.  – Clark Flynt-Barr, Senior Policy Advisor, Chainalysis

Minute-by-minute episode breakdown

  • (2:04) – What is an executive order and did the crypto industry get regulatory clarity from this order
  • (4:45) – The Executive Order objectives and why is this positive for the cryptocurrency industry 
  • (9:15) – The areas of concern found in the executive order 
  • (11:03) – How rogue nation states are utilizing crypto to evade sanctions and conduct illicit activity 
  • (16:35) – What are the next steps after an executive order has been released?
  • (18:25) – Does recent acts highlighted by Senator Warren put the cryptocurrency industry at risk?
  • (20:45) – How does cryptocurrency impact USA midterm elections and is it a platform to campaign on 
  • (23:25) – How can a DAO be formed to Lobby on Capitol Hill and What does this mean for the future of political fundraising 
  • (26:25) – What does it mean from a policy perspective to move innovation forward in a regulated environment 
  • (31:05) – What are the positives of the Executive Order and how does benefit the unbanked or underbanked population in the USA

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Speakers on today’s episode

  • Ian Andrews * Host * (Chief Marketing Officer, Chainalysis)
  • Clark Flynt-Barr (Senior Policy Advisor, Chainalysis)

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